iQIYI Launches AI Chatbots for Popular Show Characters, Enhancing Interactive Content Experience

2024/7/11 13:43:44

BEIJING, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 9, iQIYI, a leading online entertainment service in China, announced the launch of AI-powered chatbots on its app and Weibo, a leading social media platform in China. The chatbots enable viewers to engage in conversations with fictional characters from iQIYI's popular shows, reflecting the company's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance content interaction while amplifying the influence of its premium IPs.

Developed by iQIYI's AIGC Interactive Center, these chatbots leverage large language models (LLMs) to authentically portray characters' personalities and knowledge of their fictional universes, further deepening audience engagement with the storylines. For ongoing series, the chatbots are continuously updated with new plot developments, allowing fans to discuss the latest twists and turns in real-time.

On Weibo, users can interact with chatbots based on characters from iQIYI's hit drama My Journey to You and variety show The Rap of China 2024. Additional characters from widely acclaimed IPs, such as Love Between Fairy and Devil, are set to launch soon.

Within the iQIYI app, users can engage in text conversations and receive voice message from their favorite characters, bringing iconic scenes and memorable dialogues to life. The feature offers a personalized touch, allowing fans to receive custom greetings and unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes content for certain characters.

This new feature builds upon iQIYI's ongoing efforts to foster deeper connections between viewers and content, joining a lineup of other interactive features, including the recently launched 3D emojis for bullet comments in its Apple Vision Pro app and the Karaoke Mode in its music variety shows.